2022 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Traffic Systems and Smart City(ITSSC 2022)

Welcome Prof. Xiaohua Zhao,Beijing University Of Technology, China​ to be the TPC!


Prof. Xiaohua Zhao,Beijing University Of Technology, China

Xiaohua Zhao, doctor of Engineering, is the professor of College of Metropolitan Transportation in Beijing University of Technology. Prof. Zhao is also the member of the Vehicle User Characteristics Committee of Transportation Research Board (TRB), the member of traffic control facilities committee and the chairman of technical committee on traffic safety management of World Transport Convention(WTC), the member of editorial board of China Journal of Highway and Transport, the member of editorial board of Journal of Transport Information and Safety, the member of young scientists and engineers of China Communications and Transportation Association, the sixth director of China Road Transport Association, the member of Expert Committee of reflective materials branch of China Transportation Enterprise Management Association, the member of council of traffic engineering and information branch of China Highway Society, the member of supervisor and the member of technical committee of traffic information and control of Beijing Traffic Engineering Society.

Prof. Zhao has been committed to research on driving behaviors, traffic safety, as well as traffic information and control technology. At present, Prof. Zhao is the author or co-author of 210 academic papers in tenure and the first author of 162 academic papers. Among all published papers, 71 papers were indexed by SCI/SSCI and 65 papers were indexed by EI. Prof. Zhao was editor-in-chief of 3 monographs,1 textbook and 1 translation of MUTCD, and participated in editing 4 monographs. Prof. Zhao won the titles of famous teachers in Colleges and universities in Beijing, scientific and technological talents of China highway construction industry association, outstanding talents of Beijing Organization Department and backbone of Beijing middle-young teachers, etc.