Prof. Wei Shangguan, Beijing Jiaotong University, China

ShangGuanWei, Professor, Doctoral tutor, Deputy director of Institute of Transportation Automation Science and Technology, School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University, Member of Intelligent Command and Dispatch Specialized Committee of Chinese Institute of Command and Control, Member of Intelligent Transportation Specialized Committee of China Association for Artificial Intelligence, Member of National Technical Committee on Metering and Testing for Satellite Navigation Applications, Member of Standardization and Inspection Specialized Committee of Zhongguancun Spatial Information Industry Technology Alliance, Chief Expert of Key Laboratory of Intelligent Operation of Civil Aviation Airport Group, Deputy Chief Editor (Chief Editor of Subject Area) of Journal of Beijing Jiaotong University, Member of Department of Interdisciplinary and Chairman of the field of rail transit automatic control of the 2019 World Transport Convention, The visiting scholar at University College London. He has engaged in research on traffic information engineering and control, intelligent transportation, vehicle-road collaborative and autonomous driving for a long time, and carried out a lot of research work on the integration of industry, education, research and application, been taking more than 60 national/provincial scientific research project, published more than 200 SCI/EI indexed high-level academic papers, been registered more than 50 authorized patents of invention/ software copyrights, published 4 monographs. He has once awarded the first prize of China Intelligent Transportation System Association Science and Technology Award, three times awarded the first prize of China Railway Association Science and Technology Award, awarded the "Youth" award of the 14th Zhan Tianyou Railway Science and Technology Award, awarded the "May 4th Medal" title of Beijing Jiaotong University, been selected as the Young Science and Technology Talents of Transportation and Beijing Youth Talents Program. He has been the editorial board member or reviewer of IEEE Transaction on ITS, Transportation Research Part B, Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, China Journal of Highway and Transportation, IEEE IV, ITSC, TRB and other top journals and flagship conferences at home and abroad of long-term.

Prof. Miroslav Popovic, University of Novi Sad / Faculty of Technical Sciences, Serbia

Miroslav Popovic, Ph.D., received all his degrees from University   of Novi Sad,Serbia: he defended his diploma thesis An Intelligent System Restart in 1984, M.Sc. thesis An Efficient Virtual Machine System in 1988, and Ph.D. thesis A Contribution to Standardization of ISO OSI Presentation Layer in 1990. He became a full-time Professor at the University  of Novi Sad in 2002. Currently he is giving courses on Software tools and real-time systems programming, as well as on Inter computer communications and computer networks. He is a member of IEEE (both Computer and Communications societies) and ACM. He has published about 120 papers in last 10 years, of which 21 are in SCI journals. He has supervised many real-world projects for the industry, including telephone exchanges and call centers for Russian, German, Czech, and Serbian telecommunication network. Taylor & Francis (CRC Press) published his book Communication Protocol Engineering, Second Edition in 2018. He served as Serbian MC Member in EU COST 297 High Altitude Platforms of wireless communications, EU COST IC0703 Traffic Monitoring and Analysis, and EU COST Action IC1001 Transactional Memories (Euro-TM). His current research interests are engineering of computer-based systems, parallel programming, distributed systems, and security.

Prof. Li Guo, Hunan University, China